SA Threads

1. SATC.

In February 2011, South African Threads and Cottons will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, having been a former wholly owned subsidiary of the DMC Group since 1961 to 2004. In October 2004, it was taken over by its existing management.

The company enjoys a prominent position as the leading supplier of embroidery and tapestry yarns towards local needlecraft outlets and specialised retail stores

DMC, Dollfus Mieg et Cie, manufactures the oldest and most reputable brand of embroidery and needlecraft threads in the World.


The product – mix mainly comprises DMC embroidery, tapestry and crochet yarns.
In addition, we distribute tapestries, embroidery fabrics, and cross-stitch publications from leading overseas manufacturers such as Collection d’Art, Vrau, Zweigart and Leisure Art.

We also are distributors for embroidery beads from Wichelt, (formerly Mill Hill – Gay Bowles) and Kreinik metallic yarns.

These ancillary product lines are all complimentary to our main embroidery thread business, whilst the focus is on DMC articles.

On the Industrial market, we supply high quality Colorific nylon monofilament to the
mattress and upholstery trade and other related activities.

We also supply hand embroidery yarns in cone form, for the garment and household linen market, for embossing and decorative embroidery purposes.


This Catalogue is distributed annually to all our customers in the retail trade.

The new DMC 2010 collection is brimming with ideas and new products that will stimulate your creative imagination.

Full of ideas and imagination, the DMC Catalogue invites you to recreate the art of Stitching. Unveil all of your talents, give free rein to your creative spirit, and awaken the PASSION we all share, for the ART OF NEEDLEWORK!

All items can be ordered from your closest DMC Stockist, for special indent and delivery within four to six weeks.


We distribute throughout South Africa, Namibia and the neighbouring independent states such as Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland.

Distribution is undertaken via a network of seven Agents whose activities concentrate on the handcraft industry.

Moreover, we will gladly assist customers in the nearby Southern African countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola.


The company comprises eight personnel, which includes the three managing equity owners.
This staff complement has enjoyed close onto 200 years of service with the company,
and are well acquainted with the existing customer clientele.

• Sammy Abels is the Sales and Marketing Director
• Melinda Denton is the Financial Director
• Themos Lykiardopulos is the Managing Director.


Close ties are maintained with the leading magazine group who frequently publish handicraft editorials featuring DMC articles.

The company advertises on a regular basis in the leading craft publications distributed nationally, aimed towards consumers in the handcraft activity, as well as the various regional embroidery guilds bulletins throughout the country


The company has an extensive clientele and its customers range from embroidery shops, sewing machine distributors, specialised retail outlets, florists, tourist outlets, bead stores, and various other craft retailers throughout the country.


We regularly follow up all internet inquiries received either direct or via the DMC website. Once we obtain complete physical address details from these customers, our DMC agent in their area, who will provide them with the required information to fulfil their needlecraft requirements, normally contacts them.

We maintain an up-dated ‘’store search’’ in all the main cities in South Africa and Namibia on the DMC website.


The company makes up its own ‘’starter ranges’’ for all the main DMC embroidery and tapestry articles. These starter ranges comprise a fewer number of selling units, for the entire range of colours, in each article. They also include a free merchandising display and a shade card

In this manner, the overall stocking cost of our entire range of embroidery yarns, is substantially reduced.


The company relocated in May 2009 to new premises situated centrally and easily accessible in the Cape Town area.

The premises include extensive warehousing facilities of over 300sqm.


Selling prices were last increased in January 2009 following the sharp decline in the ZAR, arising from the global economic recession.


The company has the required Accpac software available to manage and maintain stocks at a satisfactory level to replenish its customer’s requirements on an ex stock basis.

The balance of over 5000 sku includes indent articles, mainly from the current DMC Embroidery catalogue as well as other non-DMC references related to our trade.

Orders are placed monthly with DMC. A maritime shipment order covering our regular stock replenishment needs and an airfreight order to cover the indents to be delivered towards specific customers at month-end.

Our level of order fulfillment in the main thread articles remains high at 85 - 90%.


As wholesalers to the retail trade we do not supply the public direct nor do we make direct sales via a web-site. Nevertheless our customer mix is varied and includes many end-users for our products.

These include industrial garment manufacturers e.g. for saddle-stitching on blazers, shade card manufacturers, embroidery workshops, embroidered linen manufacturers,
fishing tackle suppliers, crochet cotton for the specialised packaging trade, printed tapestry manufacturers, and many other industrial uses for our products.

We are also present at many embroidery guild meetings where our consumers congregate.